Jan Melka,1995, French-American painter, lives and works in Paris, France. Since September 2015, she has devoted herself to artistic research, on the edge of Abstract Expressionism, by creating her own ctions with reconstructed figures.

solo shows :
Body Building, Bubenberg gallery, Paris, Fr, 2021
Le Bruit des Murs, Ground Effect gallery, Paris, Fr, 2021
Jan melka, Imaginary Issue, Exhbition Magazine, Paris, Fr, 2020
N’oublie pas de respirer, The Window gallery, Paris, Fr, 2019
Jan Melka for Costume Nationale, The Lobby, Tokyo, Japan, 2019
Busy Bodies, Michael Bargo gallery, New-York, Ny, Us, 2019
-Older, Plate gallery, Paris, Fr, 2019

group shows :
Robes-Tableaux, with JCDC, Centre Pompidou, Paris, Fr, 2021
La Total ‘sumer get together’, Galleria Continua, Paris, Fr, 2021
So Close II, Guido Romero Pierini gallery, Paris, Fr, 2021
Flexistock, La Wonder, Clichy, Fr, 2021
Fragments, Archives Album, Paris, Fr,  2021
Drawing a blank, Ben Broom Drabl, Paris, Fr, 2020
Jan melka X Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Exhbition Magazine, Paris, Fr, 2020
So Close, Guido Romero Pierini gallery, Paris, Fr, 2020
Show of Support, digital exhbition, Drabl, Paris, Fr, 2020
For Your Eyes Only, digital exhbition, Bubenberg gallery, Paris, Fr, 2020
Let Us In -3, Clichy, Fr, 2020
Casa-Pixan 1 , Casa-Pixan, Cdmx, Mexico, 2020
L’experience par le corps, Silencio Club, Paris, Fr, 2019
Labatut launch, Joseph gallery, Paris, Fr, 2019